Update on Update on Bibi-Boehner

by Jim Lobe I don’t want to get into a daily round-up of events surrounding this fiasco, but a few things deserve some notice before the weekend break. First, it appears as if John Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu was indeed… Continue Reading  

Update on Bibi-Boehner Fallout

by Jim Lobe The Bibi-Boehner fiasco appears to be the gift that keeps on giving. At least, it continues to buoy the hopes of those who want the P5+1 and Iranian negotiators to forge a framework accord by the notional… Continue Reading  

Chutzpah Squared: Bibi and Boehner

by Jim Lobe As Mitchell Plitnick pointed out on Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of Congress on February 11, although now it appears that Bibi would like to… Continue Reading  

Let’s All, For a Moment, Remember Bibi’s Wisdom on Iraq 10 Years Ago

by Jim Lobe As usual, Paul Pillar hits the mark in his latest blog post at the National Interest in asking “Why are the Neocons Still Around?”, suggesting that when you are responsible for “one of the biggest and costliest… Continue Reading  

Self-fulfilling prophecy: Dennis Ross Doesn’t Think Anything Can Get Accomplished

I was struck by an article by Nathan Guttman in the legendary Jewish Daily Forward about Dennis Ross and George Mitchell jockeying for the position of Obama Administration’s point-person in the Middle East peace process. The whole thing is a… Continue Reading