Impeachment and Its Lessons About Patriotism

By Paul R. Pillar Sometimes an accusation that a mote is in someone else’s eye (to paraphrase a biblical quotation) ought to underscore the significance of the beam that is in the accuser’s eye.  Donald Trump’s tactic of accusing his… Continue Reading  

From Safadi back to Hariri: Lebanon’s search for a prime minister

By Ghassan Michel Rubeiz Lebanon is in search of a new prime minister to replace Saad Hariri, who resigned on October 29 amid protests against government corruption and economic woes under his leadership. But the larger, more complicated question is… Continue Reading  

Revolution from the Outside-In: The Periphery Has Taken Center Stage in the Arab Revolts of the 2010s

By Eian Katz It has become popular to frame the ongoing protests in Iraq and Lebanon as a revival of the Arab Spring. One thing that the present unrest undoubtedly shares in common with its 2011 progenitor is its expansive… Continue Reading  

Saudi Arabia’s Paradigm Shift In Dealing With Yemen’s Houthis

By Khalid Al-Karimi Saudi Arabia has lately adopted a fresh policy on dealing with Yemen’s Houthi group. Over the last five years, the Saudi-led Arab collation has failed to win the battle, and a military victory in Yemen remains a… Continue Reading  

Trump’s Sanctions Have Solidified the IRGC’s Economic Empire

By Shervin Ghaffari In June 2017, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a speech that “we have given the economy to a government that is armed with guns [that] nobody dares to compete with it.” Conspicuously, he failed to name… Continue Reading