Is Iran on the Edge of a Precipice?

By Daniel Brumberg The widespread protests caused by the Iranian government’s decision on November 15 to raise the price of gasoline by a whopping 50 percent have generated a flurry of speculation about their wider political implications for Iran’s rulers. What does… Continue Reading  

Background and consequences of protests in Iran: A look from within

By Amir Delshad Two weeks after the eruption of protests in Iran due to the rise in petrol prices, the unrests may have subsided but discontent is still on the rise, like the clam before the storm which may erupt… Continue Reading  

After Al-Baghdadi’s Death, Media Failed to Ask Where ‘War on Terror’ Is Going

By Joshua Cho The death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in October, during a raid by US special forces in Syria’s Idlib province, would have been an opportune time for US media to reflect on the 18-year-long “War on… Continue Reading  

Iran Isn’t A ‘Unitary State,’ Domestic Politics Play A Role In Its Foreign Policy

By Jalil Bayat A nearly 40-year absence of ties between Iran and the United States has culminated in misunderstandings and mistakes between the two governments and an insufficient understanding between the two societies. This is the case even among the… Continue Reading  

Bearing Witness to the Costs of War: On Being a Military Spouse and Writing About Our Post-9/11 Wars

By Andrea Mazzarino There is some incongruity between my role as an editor of a book about the costs of America’s wars and my identity as a military spouse. I’m deeply disturbed at the scale of human suffering caused by… Continue Reading