REPORT – Women and Children First: Repatriating the Westerners Affiliated with ISIS

By International Crisis Group What’s new? Alongside the thousands of foreign fighters detained in north east Syria are thousands of non-Syrian children and women. Western governments have for months publicly wrestled with political and policy qualms about repatriating their nationals.… Continue Reading  

The Democratic Presidential Candidates Have Foreign Policy Differences, We’re Just Not Hearing About Them

By Najum Mushtaq A day after Paul Pillar expressed his concern on these pages about the Democratic presidential primary’s “unreal quality” of not focusing on a president’s power to enact foreign policy changes by fiat, the national frontrunner in the… Continue Reading  

Presidential Candidates Open to Leveraging American Support for Israel

By Yousef Munayyer American politicians vying for the Oval Office in 2020 recently engaged in a watershed shift in the conversation about the American-Israeli relationship. Several Democratic presidential candidates voiced their support for policies of accountability toward Israel that could… Continue Reading  

The Battle to Defeat Confessional Politics in Lebanon and Beyond

By Daniel Brumberg From Algiers to Baghdad, some quarters of the Arab world are now witnessing an uprising of a mobilized and angry middle class which––by dint of its education, economic interests, institutional resources, and globalized consciousness––is seeking a deep… Continue Reading  

It’s Not Too Late for Rojava

By Edward Hunt As Turkey continues its devastating military assault on Rojava, the Kurdish-led region of northeastern Syria, officials in Washington are facing a critical decision: allow Turkey to prevail in its campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Kurds or take action to… Continue Reading