Impeachment and Damage to U.S. Foreign Policy

By Robert E. Hunter Russia, and especially Ukraine, have been centerpieces of the House impeachment hearings, as well as of massive media coverage. But largely lost in the domestic politics focused disarray is serious discussion of the foreign policy aspects… Continue Reading  

Bearing Witness to the Costs of War: On Being a Military Spouse and Writing About Our Post-9/11 Wars

By Andrea Mazzarino There is some incongruity between my role as an editor of a book about the costs of America’s wars and my identity as a military spouse. I’m deeply disturbed at the scale of human suffering caused by… Continue Reading  

Don’t Just Focus on Trump’s Crimes at Home

By John Feffer It’s a cliché in Westerns. The bad guys ride into town only to be met by a sheriff who stands tall. “I am the law,” the sheriff says, “and you boys better move on.”

Impeachment and Its Lessons About Patriotism

By Paul R. Pillar Sometimes an accusation that a mote is in someone else’s eye (to paraphrase a biblical quotation) ought to underscore the significance of the beam that is in the accuser’s eye.  Donald Trump’s tactic of accusing his… Continue Reading  

The Democratic Presidential Candidates Have Foreign Policy Differences, We’re Just Not Hearing About Them

By Najum Mushtaq A day after Paul Pillar expressed his concern on these pages about the Democratic presidential primary’s “unreal quality” of not focusing on a president’s power to enact foreign policy changes by fiat, the national frontrunner in the… Continue Reading