Interview with Sarah Aziza on Saudi repression of Women


by Janine Jackson When Saudi Arabia officially lifted a ban on women driving last June, it made for a great photo-op. Time magazine had a video feature in which they rode along with the country’s first women taxi drivers. 60… Continue Reading  

How Many Minutes to Midnight?

Doomsday clock (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists)

by James Carroll Last month, the National Nuclear Security Administration (formerly the Atomic Energy Commission) announced that the first of a new generation of strategic nuclear weapons had rolled off the assembly line at its Pantex nuclear weapons plant in… Continue Reading  

The Anatomy of a Revolution

Woman holding a picture of Ayatollah Khamenei (arindambanerjee via Shutterstock)

by Reza H. Akbari Iran is celebrating the anniversary of its 1979 Revolution this month. Just as with the previous 40 years, an army of experts will attempt to dissect the exact nature of the Islamic Republic, its achievements, and… Continue Reading  

The Shah’s Long Road

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and his wife (DoD photo by Ssgt James R. Pearson)

by Gregory Brew On January 16, 1979, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the shah of Iran, boarded a plane at Mehrabad Airport near Tehran. He would never return. Iran, where he had ruled as monarch and dictator for several decades, was in… Continue Reading  

Remembering Iran’s Revolutionary Days

Protestor casualties in lead-up to the Iranian Revolution (Wikimedia Commons)

by Scheherezade Faramarzi Blood gushes from the dead man’s head, dripping down his face as he sits slouched in the backseat of the yellow Peykan car. Two men search the pockets of the green raincoat that he wears over his… Continue Reading