From Safadi back to Hariri: Lebanon’s search for a prime minister

By Ghassan Michel Rubeiz Lebanon is in search of a new prime minister to replace Saad Hariri, who resigned on October 29 amid protests against government corruption and economic woes under his leadership. But the larger, more complicated question is… Continue Reading  

How Hezbollah Can Embrace Reform If Lebanon’s Uprising Doesn’t Overreach

By Ghassan Michel Rubeiz It is great news for Lebanon that Prime Minister Saad Hariri has resigned. At this decisive moment, the undeclared leaders of the uprising must pause and weigh alternatives. A secular identity is emerging in the October… Continue Reading  

Netanyahu: Don’t Shift World Attention from Palestine to Iran

by Ghassan Michel Rubeiz  Prime Minister Netanyahu considers President Trump’s time in office a golden opportunity. He figures that Israel has done very well in the current administration’s first two-and-a-half years. Washington has unilaterally legitimized Israel’s occupation of the West… Continue Reading  

Hariri’s Focus: Economy Not Hezbollah

by Ghassan Michel Rubeiz After a nine-month deadlock, the Lebanese have a new but predictable cabinet of ministers. Rotation of leadership is rare in the Middle East. Both Prime Minister Saad Hariri (a pro-Saudi Sunnite leader) and Gebran Bassil (the… Continue Reading  

In Beirut: Fractured Summit, Deadlocked Government

by Ghassan Michel Rubeiz The Arab Economic and Social Development Summit, which ended in Beirut on January 20, was trivialized by politics. Lebanon convened this important regional event before forming a new government that has been in the making for… Continue Reading