The Lebanese Uprising: No End in Sight for the Current Impasse

By Joe Macaron It has been over a month since the Lebanese uprising began and there are no indications that the country’s ruling oligarchy is willing or ready to offer concrete concessions in giving up power. The political class seems united in… Continue Reading  

From Safadi back to Hariri: Lebanon’s search for a prime minister

By Ghassan Michel Rubeiz Lebanon is in search of a new prime minister to replace Saad Hariri, who resigned on October 29 amid protests against government corruption and economic woes under his leadership. But the larger, more complicated question is… Continue Reading  

Middle Eastern protests: A tug of war over who has the longer breath

By James Dorsey Mass anti-government protests in several Arab countries are turning into competitions to determine who has the longer breath, the protesters or the government. In Algeria, Lebanon and Iraq, countries in which the leader was either forced to… Continue Reading  

Protests in Lebanon: A View From Iran

By Talal Mohammad With resonating and echoing chants, “Kilon Yani Kilon,” “Everyone Means Everyone,” Lebanese citizens poured en masse to protest the dire economic situation and political milieu that has plagued Lebanon for decades. Few would think that a tariff… Continue Reading  

The Battle to Defeat Confessional Politics in Lebanon and Beyond

By Daniel Brumberg From Algiers to Baghdad, some quarters of the Arab world are now witnessing an uprising of a mobilized and angry middle class which––by dint of its education, economic interests, institutional resources, and globalized consciousness––is seeking a deep… Continue Reading