Old Roots of the New Arab Spring

By Paul R. Pillar Recent disturbances in Arab countries have not yet become as far-reaching as what ensued after a Tunisian fruit vendor immolated himself in protest nine years ago, but observers are already talking about an Arab Spring 2.0.… Continue Reading  

What’s Up With Lebanon’s WhatsApp Revolution?

By Gareth Smyth Nearly half a century after Gil Scott Heron proclaimed “The Revolution will Not be Televised,” Lebanese television stations are divided by their owners’ agendas over the country’s protestors. Some have offered blanket coverage, while others have kept… Continue Reading  

Lebanon’s ‘Arab Spring’ Shakes Iran and the Region

By Emile Nakhleh Lebanon’s largely peaceful “Arab Spring” is a model in civic activism for the greater Middle East. Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s offer to resign in response to the country’s popular uprising, which has been devoid of bloodshed and… Continue Reading  

Listen to the Lebanese People

By James J. Zogby In 2012, I wrote an article about Lebanon that still rings true today. It ended with a quote from one of my favorite pieces written by Kahlil Gibran “You Have Your Lebanon, I Have My Lebanon.”

How Hezbollah Can Embrace Reform If Lebanon’s Uprising Doesn’t Overreach

By Ghassan Michel Rubeiz It is great news for Lebanon that Prime Minister Saad Hariri has resigned. At this decisive moment, the undeclared leaders of the uprising must pause and weigh alternatives. A secular identity is emerging in the October… Continue Reading