Media and State Control in the Middle East

By Emile Nakhleh As street protests continue unabated in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Algeria, and other Middle Eastern countries, regimes have used the social media platforms and traditional media to track, control, and repress their citizens. Iran has shut down the… Continue Reading  

Lebanon’s ‘Arab Spring’ Shakes Iran and the Region

By Emile Nakhleh Lebanon’s largely peaceful “Arab Spring” is a model in civic activism for the greater Middle East. Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s offer to resign in response to the country’s popular uprising, which has been devoid of bloodshed and… Continue Reading  

Al-Baghdadi’s Demise and Legacy

By Emile Nakhleh The demise of Osama bin Ladin in 2011 did not end al-Qaeda. Nor will the apparent demise of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi end the terror of the Islamic State. Al-Baghdadi’s death is a major psychological blow to the… Continue Reading  

Syrian Withdrawal a Dangerous Regional Gambit

by Emile Nakhleh President Trump’s recent decision to withdraw U.S. troops from the Syrian-Turkish border and the ensuing Turkish offensive against the Kurds have thrown the Levant and the wider region into a deadly spiral of chaos and mayhem. Despite… Continue Reading  

Iran and the Middle East Amid Shifting Alliances

by Emile Nakhleh As of this writing, President Trump seems to be using more severe sanctions as a response to the September 14 attack on two Saudi oil facilities, which he blames on Iran. It’s difficult to predict whether, in… Continue Reading