Self-fulfilling prophecy: Dennis Ross Doesn’t Think Anything Can Get Accomplished

I was struck by an article by Nathan Guttman in the legendary Jewish Daily Forward about Dennis Ross and George Mitchell jockeying for the position of Obama Administration’s point-person in the Middle East peace process. The whole thing is a… Continue Reading  

Noah’s Bark, No Bite: RJC’s Chanuka START Attack Falls Flat

There’s no better way to commemorate a civil war among Jews 2,275 years ago, memorialized by the Jewish festival of Chanuka, than by a little intra-tribe squabbling. Perhaps that’s why, just in time for the holidays, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC)… Continue Reading  

Alpher: Israeli objective is U.S. “preemptive action” against Iran

In his monthly column for the Forward, “When Would Israel Attack Iran?”, Yossi Alpher lays out seven conditions that must be fulfilled for Israel to commit to an attack on Iran. Only one — that the regime in Tehran calls for Israel’s… Continue Reading