ADL’s Armenian Genocide Recognition Sends Powerful Statement…to Israel

by Dahlia Scheindlin  The Anti-Defamation League, American Jewry’s foremost civil rights organization, has made a powerful statement recognizing the Armenian genocide by the crumbling Ottoman regime in the early 20th century. Last Friday, CEO Jonathan Greenblatt posted a blog on the organization’s… Continue Reading  

Update on Update on Bibi-Boehner

by Jim Lobe I don’t want to get into a daily round-up of events surrounding this fiasco, but a few things deserve some notice before the weekend break. First, it appears as if John Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu was indeed… Continue Reading  

Anti-Semitic Attitudes Strongest in Arab World

by Jim Lobe* Anti-Jewish attitudes are found most frequently in Arab countries but persist in much of the rest of the world, especially in Eastern Europe where most Jews were wiped out during the Nazi Holocaust in World War II,… Continue Reading  

Aid to PA Supported By…Elliott Abrams?

Yesterday, the House of Representatives’ Committee on Foreign Affairs held a hearing on the future of aid to the Palestinian Authority. Aid to the PA is under bi-partisan attack in Congress due to the Palestinians’ campaign to somehow upgrade their… Continue Reading  

Self-fulfilling prophecy: Dennis Ross Doesn’t Think Anything Can Get Accomplished

I was struck by an article by Nathan Guttman in the legendary Jewish Daily Forward about Dennis Ross and George Mitchell jockeying for the position of Obama Administration’s point-person in the Middle East peace process. The whole thing is a… Continue Reading