Weekly Standard, Rove Make the Case for Israel-al Qaeda Linkage

In their zeal to undermine or discredit Obama in any way they can, the neo-conservative Weekly Standard and former top Bush adviser Karl Rove have been indirectly making the case that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the single, most important recruitment… Continue Reading

Foxman: Opposed to collective punishment in Israel, for it in Iran

On his blog, journalist and filmmaker Max Blumenthal alerts us to a video from David Sheen that shows the young Israeli journalist interviewing Abe Foxman, the head of the Anti-Defamation League. The discussion is remarkable for Foxman’s unsettled reaction — to… Continue Reading

Klein and Chesnoff: Obama Admin. ‘Gets’ Linkage

Edward Klein and Richard Z. Chesnoff’s lengthy Huffington Post piece on the Jewish establishment’s difficulty with Obama is well worth a full read.  But what jumps out are the sections which describe what appears to be the Obama administration’s wholehearted… Continue Reading

Bloomberg Refudiates “Ground Zero Mosque” Demagoguery

While everyone from former half-term Alaskan governors to former Georgia congressmen to heads of major Jewish civil rights organizations seems to feel entitled to offer their opinion on the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” — the subject of Ali’s excellent post… Continue Reading