A Method to the Madness?

by Daniel Luban The executive order that Donald Trump signed last Friday was a shock but not entirely a surprise. The outlines of the order—which temporarily denied entry to the U.S. to all refugees as well as all citizens of… Continue Reading  

Yes, Bush Lied

by Daniel Luban In recent days, several Republican presidential candidates and pundits have suggested that the George W. Bush administration’s 2003 decision to invade Iraq was justified on the basis of “what we knew then,” not “what we know now.”… Continue Reading  

Syria, “Revolution,” and the Left

by Daniel Luban The last couple months have seen the spread of a particular argument about the war in Syria among members of the self-described “anti-imperialist” left. This line of thought argues that the war (along with the Arab Spring… Continue Reading  

Drones and the Need for Political Context

by Daniel Luban Earlier this year, William Saletan published a typically contrarian piece titled “In Defense of Drones”. The subtitle — “they’re the worst form of war, except for all the others” — gives a good indication of the general line… Continue Reading  

The American Right’s Holy War in Egypt

by Daniel Luban For the last few weeks, Lobelog has been noting the continued disagreements among US neoconservatives over how to respond to the military coup in Egypt, with a few prominent neocons such as Robert Kagan denouncing it while many… Continue Reading