Islamophobia Surges on the Right

by Ali Gharib Barack Obama seems determined to strike out at the anti-Muslim bigotry coursing through the American right. The policies being pushed by Republicans—particularly by those campaigning to be president—have reached a new low, and the ugliness driving them… Continue Reading  

Pushback Against Growing Islamophobia

via IPS News Faced with a rise in anti-Muslim sentiment and a well-funded campaign to promote Islamophobia, a coalition of faith and religious freedom groups Thursday said it will circulate a new pamphlet on frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Islam and U.S.… Continue Reading  

English Neofascist Group to be Featured at 9/11 Anti-Mosque Rally

Earlier this week, I noted that Newt Gingrich and John Bolton, both of whom had been scheduled to appear at Pamela Geller’s Sept. 11 rally in Lower Manhattan against the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque,” now appear to be getting cold… Continue Reading  

Gingrich and Bolton Back Away From the New Islamophobes

One interesting nugget from Josh Nathan-Kazis’s Forward article on the various Sept. 11 events going on at Ground Zero: In addition to Wilders, the rally [led by Pamela Geller] will feature a videotaped address by John Bolton, ambassador to the… Continue Reading  

Michael Ledeen’s Sudden Distrust of the Iranian People

Neoconservative activist Michael Ledeen has for years been among the most aggressive Iran hawks on the right. He has steadily pushed for U.S.-backed regime change in Tehran, and during the 2009 post-election crisis was one of the leading voices attacking… Continue Reading