Human Rights and Jewish Groups Call for Sebastian Gorka’s Resignation

by Eli Clifton and Jim Lobe Since the publication of the report by the Forward today that Trump counter-terrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka is a sworn member of Vitezi Rend, a Hungarian group that collaborated with the Nazis during World War… Continue Reading  

ADL Demands That Gorka Disavow ‘Anti-Semitic Hate Groups’

by Eli Clifton Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka has had a rough two weeks. It began with LobeLog’s report that he wore the medal of Vitezi Rend, an anti-Semitic Hungarian organization that collaborated with the Nazis during World… Continue Reading  

Former Israeli National-Security Officials Like Iran Deal

by Jim Lobe Lest anyone believe that Israel, particularly its national-security establishment, is united behind Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opposition to the week-old Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between the P5+1 and Iran, Americans for Peace Now has set… Continue Reading  

Anti-Iran Deal Groups Backed by $145 Million

by Eli Clifton A high-profile list of U.S. non-proliferation, nuclear policy, Iran, and national security experts welcomed last week’s announcement of a deal between the P5+1 and Iran to curb Tehran’s nuclear program . Opponents of the deal, meanwhile, will… Continue Reading  

Update on Update on Bibi-Boehner

by Jim Lobe I don’t want to get into a daily round-up of events surrounding this fiasco, but a few things deserve some notice before the weekend break. First, it appears as if John Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu was indeed… Continue Reading