Israel’s Ambassador to the US Knows Republicans Much Better than Trump

by Marsha B. Cohen “Israel has no doubt that President-elect Trump is a true friend of Israel,” Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer told reporters who met him at the lobby of Trump Tower on Thursday. “We have no doubt that Vice… Continue Reading

A Bit More on Dennis Ross

by Ali Gharib By way of a brief update to my recent post on Dennis Ross’s Blame America First outlook on the rocky US-Israel relationship, I think it’s worthwhile to come up to speed on a couple of late-developing points.… Continue Reading

Now Comes the Hard Part on Iran

by Diana Ohlbaum The painful spectacle of congressional disapproval of the Iran nuclear deal, followed by a presidential veto and an override vote, has been averted. It’s a big win for the White House, whose skillful political work—aided by a… Continue Reading

Iran Deal Heads Toward Showdown With Adelson’s GOP

by Eli Clifton and Jim Lobe The Iran nuclear deal announced in Vienna yesterday means that the tough international negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran are finally over. But now attention shifts to the 60-day period during which Congress has… Continue Reading

Who’s Killing Corker’s Iran Bill, and Why

by Derek Davison Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Bob Corker (R-TN) sufficiently neutered his Iran deal review bill—now known as the “Protecting Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Responders Act”—that two weeks ago it passed out of his committee unanimously. Moreover, the… Continue Reading