The Israel Anti-Boycott Act Is an Act of Political Persecution

by Lara Friedman There’s been a lot of debate over the Israel Anti-Boycott Act. The ACLU—the standard-bearer of all matters related to civil rights and liberties—says unequivocally that the bill violates the First Amendment right to free speech. Others, including… Continue Reading

Making It a Crime to Support Palestinian Human Rights

by James J. Zogby It is fascinating to watch some US senators tripping over themselves as they attempt to defend their support for or opposition to proposed legislation that would make it a federal crime to support the international campaign to… Continue Reading

Friedman Vote: Will Democrats Stand up to Israel’s Settlements?

by Naomi Dann The Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) voted 12 to 9 to approve President Trump’s pick for ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. While Friedman is likely to be confirmed by the full Senate as early as this week,… Continue Reading

The Illusive Purposes of Toughness

by Paul R. Pillar An assortment of issues connecting the president-elect of the United States to Russia range from official Russian interference in the election that Mr. Trump won, to the incoming president’s business interests in Russia, to potentially more… Continue Reading

Hill Update on Iran Policy

by Lara Friedman It is now clear (and it was indeed predictable/predicted) that 2016 will see a continued and even redoubled campaign of pressure on Iran from Congress. For some members of Congress, this campaign will genuinely be about legitimate… Continue Reading