Now Comes the Hard Part on Iran


by Diana Ohlbaum The painful spectacle of congressional disapproval of the Iran nuclear deal, followed by a presidential veto and an override vote, has been averted. It’s a big win for the White House, whose skillful political work—aided by a… Continue Reading  

Black Ops for Peace


by John Feffer Transparency advocates love to quote Louis Brandeis to the effect that “sunshine is the best disinfectant.” Who could dispute the beneficial impact on politics of throwing open the doors and flinging open the windows? But sunlight can… Continue Reading  

Iran Deal: Avoiding the Fate of Sisyphus


by Charles Naas The P5+1 negotiating team and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, much like Sisyphus in Greek mythology, have pushed the burden of mutual understanding on Iran’s nuclear program to the hilltop. Now they see if they can avoid… Continue Reading  

US-Iran Bilateral Talks: On the Edge of a Nuclear Deal?


by Robert E. Hunter With bilateral US-Iran talks taking place in Geneva today, notably topped for the US by Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns, who led earlier secret exchanges, negotiations between Iran and world powers might be entering their final… Continue Reading  

Syria Policy: Signs of Coherence?


by Thomas Lippman For the United States, Saudi Arabia, other supporters of the rebels in Syria, and for the rebels themselves, this has been a month of fast-paced, intense diplomatic and political activity. It is tempting after so much time… Continue Reading