Applying Kissinger’s Lessons to Transformational Diplomacy with Iran

by Thomas Buonomo As the Trump administration seeks ways to avoid war with Iran while defending U.S. national security interests, it should devise a strategy intended to effect a transformation in U.S.-Iran relations, rather than continue with an approach focused… Continue Reading

Let’s Not Rule Out Diplomacy

by Mahmood Monshipouri and Jonathon Whooley The United States and Iran are unrelentingly caught in a strategic conundrum that is escalating toward conflict with no diplomatic solution in sight. Neither the “maximum pressure” strategy of the Trump administration nor the “no… Continue Reading

The Indispensable Mediator: Europe’s Role in the U.S.-Iran Dispute

by Ellie Geranmayeh Tensions between Iran and the United States have risen to a dangerous new level. Recent attacks on Saudi Arabia – which the US blames on Tehran – severely disrupted global oil supplies, prompting President Donald Trump to consider… Continue Reading

Persian Gulf Stability Requires Realism and Compromise

by Shireen T. Hunter In the aftermath of attacks on two Saudi Arabian oil installations, attributed either directly or indirectly to Iran, calls in the United States for punitive military action against Tehran have once more increased. As has often… Continue Reading