Greece, Iran, and the Rules of the Game

by John Feffer Alexis Tsipras had a choice. As the leader of the fledgling Syriza government in Greece, he could have told the European Union to stuff its austerity plan. He could have taken the risk that the EU would… Continue Reading

Here’s How Iranian Hardliners Have Reacted to the Nuclear Deal

by Lobelog’s Tehran correspondent The nuclear deal reached between Iran and the P5+1 on Tuesday has elicited a wave of reactions from key figures within Iran’s establishment. On Tuesday night, mere hours after the agreement was announced, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah… Continue Reading

What the Nuclear Deal Says about Iran’s Politics and Society

by Shireen T. Hunter In the aftermath of the recent nuclear accord on Iran’s nuclear program, it is important to understand correctly the Islamic Republic’s motives for signing the deal with the United States (and the other P5+1 countries) and the… Continue Reading

President Obama’s Middle East Plate Is Still Full

by Robert E. Hunter With agreement in Vienna between the P5+ 1 countries and Iran on its nuclear program, there will be a rapid shift to dealing with the aftermath. What will now happen in Iran is an important story. This… Continue Reading