How Does Israel Assess the Threat Posed by ISIS?

by Derek Davison A former senior analyst for Mossad, Yossi Alpher, told an audience in Washington Thursday that Israel sees the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) as an “urgent” national security concern, but the context of his talk at the… Continue Reading  

Yossi Alpher on Israel’s Non-Viable Gaza Strategy

Writing in the Daily Beast’s “Open Zion” former Israeli intelligence operative and strategic expert Yossi Alpher offers his thoughts on Israel’s offensive against Hamas targets (an 11-month old is reportedly among the civilian causalities) in the Gaza Strip today: So why am I worried? First… Continue Reading  

Alpher: Israeli objective is U.S. “preemptive action” against Iran

In his monthly column for the Forward, “When Would Israel Attack Iran?”, Yossi Alpher lays out seven conditions that must be fulfilled for Israel to commit to an attack on Iran. Only one — that the regime in Tehran calls for Israel’s… Continue Reading  

Yossi Alpher Discusses the Likelihood of an Israeli Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Program

Israeli expert on strategic affairs Yossi Alpher? offers an excellent analysis of Jeffrey Goldberg‘s Atlantic cover story. Alpher agrees that an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities is a possibility but only if Iran, “…is crossing a “red line” and… Continue Reading