EU Labelling and the Challenge to “Greater Israel”

by Hugh Lovatt The levels of hysteria and name-calling emanating from Israel neared crescendo-levels yesterday as the European Commission published its long overdue guidelines on the correct labelling of Israeli settlement products. Ostensibly the EU’s move is meant as nothing… Continue Reading

Europe Stepping Up Its Game on Iran

by Ellie Geranmayeh A decisive stage in the nuclear talks is approaching, as world powers aim to reach a political agreement with Iran this month. Europeans have cautiously but noticeably stepped up their game to safeguard the negotiations and, ultimately,… Continue Reading

Friends, Not Just Enemies, of an Iranian Nuclear Deal are Imperiling It

by Paul R. Pillar U.S. and Iranian negotiators are in Geneva resuming work on an agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear program. Whether the negotiations succeed in producing a deal is still very much in doubt, but not because it is… Continue Reading

Iran Nuclear Talks: Reading the Tea Leaves

by François Nicoullaud Secretary of State John Kerry has a hectic traveling schedule, and this month’s itinerary has been particularly focused on doing everything to ensure a good deal with Iran over its nuclear program is achieved by the deadline of… Continue Reading

EU’s Mogherini Could Usher in Better Relations with Iran

by Eldar Mamedov Just as the nuclear-focused talks between Iran and world powers are set to resume, the European Union has named Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini its new foreign policy chief. While current High Representative Catherine Ashton will remain in her post as the key mediator… Continue Reading