Iran Nuclear Talks: Reading the Tea Leaves

by François Nicoullaud Secretary of State John Kerry has a hectic traveling schedule, and this month’s itinerary has been particularly focused on doing everything to ensure a good deal with Iran over its nuclear program is achieved by the deadline of… Continue Reading  

Netanyahu media campaign failing to move US red lines on Iran

Report Kevin Baron and Gordon Lubold for Foreign Policy: Pentagon policy chief Jim Miller said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warning this week that Iran would have nearly enough bomb-grade uranium to build a nuclear weapon in six months does not change the… Continue Reading  

Israel on Iran: ‘So Wrong for So Long’

There are two important pieces by Justin Elliott at Salon that are well worth checking out. They paint a picture — if you take both together — of a U.S. campaign against Iran, led by hawkish pro-Israel groups based on dubious information… Continue Reading