Netanyahu media campaign failing to move US red lines on Iran

Report Kevin Baron and Gordon Lubold for Foreign Policy:

Pentagon policy chief Jim Miller said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warning this week that Iran would have nearly enough bomb-grade uranium to build a nuclear weapon in six months does not change the U.S. assessment of the need for military action.

Miller, under secretary of defense for policy, in an exclusive interview with the FP National Security channel on Wednesday, said that enrichment was just one factor in the U.S. calculation of how long it would take for Iran to have a working nuclear bomb.

“The timeline, from our perspective, includes the question of how long it takes to enrich, and then how long it would take to go from a certain level of enrichment to weapons grade, and other steps in that process,” Miller said. “And so, as we look at that potential timeline we certainly believe, as I said, that we have time.”

A post at National Security Network confirms that the US’s Iran policy (regardless of how incoherent it may be) remains steady.

Jasmin Ramsey

Jasmin Ramsey is a journalist based in Washington, DC.