Syria: Time to Reassess American Strategic View of the Middle East

by Emile Nakhleh Could the unrelenting Russian-Syrian air strikes against the people of Aleppo have been avoided on such a horrendous scale? The Obama administration’s changed view of the Middle East and downplaying of the significance of the region in American… Continue Reading

Superpower Conflicts Are Driving Tensions in the South China Sea

by Walden Bello The Philippines would seem to have won a major victory against China in a recent international court ruling in the Hague, which voided Chinese claims to parts of the South China Sea claimed by the Philippines and… Continue Reading

Obama’s Half-Pivot to Asia

by John Feffer* President Barack Obama’s recent tour of Asia was an opportunity to reenergise his foreign policy after a series of setbacks in the global arena. The four countries on the week-long tour — Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and… Continue Reading

President Obama: Keep Your Nerve on Syria

by Robert E. Hunter “Then we’ll have done all we can.” “Very heartless.” “It’s safer to be heartless than mindless. History is the triumph of the heartless over the mindless.” Yes, Prime Minister. President Barack Obama, it is said, has… Continue Reading

Obama’s Subtle Message To Israel: You’re Not My Top Priority Anymore

by Mitchell Plitnick All was not as it seemed during President Barack Obama’s appearances in Jerusalem and Ramallah, where he addressed audiences of Israelis and Palestinians. On the surface, it looked like Obama was swearing fealty to Israel, and pledging… Continue Reading