U.S. “Rebalancing” to Asia/Pacific Still a Priority

by Jim Lobe via IPS News Amidst growing tensions with North Korea and, to a lesser extent, China, the White House Monday insisted that its “re-balancing” toward the Asia/Pacific remained on track and that Washington is fully committed to its… Continue Reading  

The US in the Middle East Today

by Charles Naas Not even a month in office, Secretary of State John Kerry took his first official trip to the troubled Middle East and immediately felt first-hand the pressures and metamorphosing power relationships in the region. He began his visit… Continue Reading  

Goodbye, Hillary — Hello, John; the Middle East Awaits You

by Charles Naas On the Washington Post’s front page February 2 there is a photo of Mrs. Clinton departing the State Department surrounded by admiring staff members with a big smile on her face. She already looks five years younger.… Continue Reading