Rouhani Looks to Warmer Ties with Saudis, Tepidly Criticizes US Syria Strikes

by Jim Lobe New York — On his second trip to the UN General Assembly as Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani Tuesday said he looked forward to better relations with regional rival Saudi Arabia and only tepidly criticized the US attack on Islamic… Continue Reading

Royce/Engel Iran Letter: The Devil Lies in the Detail

by Peter Jenkins A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has time to get its pants on. –Winston Churchill Opponents of a nuclear agreement with Iran are mobilising once more. A recent letter to colleagues from the chairman… Continue Reading

Iran Nuclear Deal Likely to Increase US Regional Leverage

by Jim Lobe A successful agreement on Iran’s nuclear program could significantly enhance US leverage and influence throughout the greater Middle East, according to a new report signed by 31 former senior US officials and regional experts released here Wednesday.

Bridging the Uranium Enrichment Gap with Iran

by Derek Davison With the Nov. 24 deadline looming, Iran and world powers will resume talks toward a final deal over Iran’s nuclear program this week in New York, but the gap between the two sides over the future size… Continue Reading

U.S.-Iran Poised for Breakthrough on Nuclear Issue

by Jim Lobe via IPS News On the 34th anniversary of the seizure by Iranian militants of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, a growing number of experts here believe Washington and the Islamic Republic may be moving toward détente, if not… Continue Reading