Let the Record Show: Negotiations with North Korea Work


by Catherine Killough President Trump has consistently misrepresented the negotiation record between North Korea and the United States. In his speech before the South Korean National Assembly, he derived one conclusion from a complex history of hard-earned diplomatic achievements: “The… Continue Reading  

Trump Slams Iran Deal at UN: What Next?


by Mitchell Plitnick Donald Trump gave his first address to the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, and he lived up to his billing. Trump used a forum for diplomacy to threaten to annihilate an entire country, and to denounce an… Continue Reading  

Sherman: “We Are Safer” Because of JCPOA


by Derek Davison In a May 16 event held by the Cato Institute, Ambassador Wendy Sherman spoke at length about the Iran nuclear deal and its status under the Trump administration. Sherman, who served as Barack Obama’s under secretary of… Continue Reading  

Dems and Israel/Palestine: New Leadership, Old Policies


by Naomi Dann As the drama-filled Democratic National Convention wraps up, political analyst Donna Brazile will take the reins of the party. Following Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s exit as chair of the Democratic Party after the release of emails revealing efforts to… Continue Reading  

Phased End of Iranian Arms Embargo Is US Victory

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by Henry Johnson The benefits that Iran will accrue by complying with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) have set off alarm bells in Washington. Opponents have misrepresented the deal’s lifting of an international arms embargo as a major… Continue Reading