Searching for a Progressive Foreign Policy

by James A. Russell The debacle of the Trump presidency has had one useful effect. It has re-energized parts of the American electorate that had been on the sidelines watching the Republican pursuit of a one-party state via gerrymandered districts,… Continue Reading

Let the Record Show: Negotiations with North Korea Work

by Catherine Killough President Trump has consistently misrepresented the negotiation record between North Korea and the United States. In his speech before the South Korean National Assembly, he derived one conclusion from a complex history of hard-earned diplomatic achievements: “The… Continue Reading

Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un: Soul Brothers?

by John Feffer They both have a reputation for unpredictability. They both like to surround themselves with generals. They both enjoy tweaking China even though their countries are economically dependent on Beijing. Coming into office, Donald Trump has a lot… Continue Reading

Barbara Slavin Argues for “Strategic Patience” With Iran

In an Issue Brief (PDF) from the Atlantic Council’s Iran Task Force, Barbara Slavin concludes that “strategic patience” is necessary for the U.S. to further to its strategic interests in the region. Slavin, journalist and author of Bitter Friends, Bosom… Continue Reading