New Trump, Old Bottles

by John Feffer It didn’t take long for Donald Trump to discover that U.S. foreign policy is about as easy to turn around as a warship in dry dock. Despite any number of promises to shake things up — during… Continue Reading

Bannon’s Ouster from NSC Certainly Can’t Hurt

by Jim Lobe Although it’s too soon to assess the import of the removal of Trump’s top strategic advisor, Steve Bannon, from the Principals Committee of the National Security Council (NSC), it’s certainly not bad news. Indeed, it’s probably very… Continue Reading

Who Will Rule Trump Foreign Policy?

by Jim Lobe The most frightening commentary I’ve read in the run-up to the inauguration—and there have been many—appeared in a column identifying the four people whose foreign policy ideas were likely to be most influential with the then-president-elect. It… Continue Reading

Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un: Soul Brothers?

by John Feffer They both have a reputation for unpredictability. They both like to surround themselves with generals. They both enjoy tweaking China even though their countries are economically dependent on Beijing. Coming into office, Donald Trump has a lot… Continue Reading

Deputy NSC Advisor Pick McFarland: Treat Middle Easterners Like Kids

by Derek Davison On Friday, Donald Trump’s transition team announced that Fox News national security analyst Kathleen Troia McFarland will serve as his Deputy National Security Advisor, working under National Security Advisor–designate Michael Flynn. McFarland previously served on Gerald Ford’s… Continue Reading