Syrian War: Your Move Again, President Trump

by Wayne White Donald Trump’s grasp of the Syrian War remains highly questionable. Just days before the Syrian chemical weapons (CW) strike on a rebel-held population center, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson implied that the ouster of Syrian President Bashar… Continue Reading

The White House Warning on Settlements That Wasn’t

by Mitchell Plitnick Given the frequently bombastic rhetoric that has come from the new President of the United States in his first two weeks in office, it is not surprising that many observers are reading the statement from the White… Continue Reading

Shifting Partnerships and the Road to Peace in the Middle East

by Rana Allam Since the wave of revolt shook the Middle East beginning in 2011, alliances have been shifting with the change of leaderships. Most of those who once shaped the region and balanced the powers are no longer in… Continue Reading

Egypt and Saudi Arabia: Marriage on the Rocks?

by Cinzia Bianco and Giorgio Cafiero For several decades, the alliance between Egypt and Saudi Arabia has served as an anchor of a pro-Western geopolitical order in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Dating back to the 1970s, Cairo… Continue Reading

The Snubbing of Erdogan: Muhammad Ali’s Funeral

by Robert Olson Mohammad Ali’s funeral in Louisville, Kentucky on June 8 and his eulogy on June 9 offered a rare opportunity for Americans to experience the juxtaposition of local and global politics. Most Americans are familiar with Ali’s influence… Continue Reading