Tehran Workshop Offers Insight Into Nuclear Talks

by Eldar Mamedov With only a little over a month to go before the deadline for a comprehensive deal on Iran’s nuclear program, a group of European, Gulf and Iranian academics and policymakers gathered Oct. 6-7 in Tehran to discuss the future of EU-Iran… Continue Reading

Waiting for the Iranian Godot

by Derek Davison The US stance on Iran’s uranium enrichment program, according to recent media reports, is softening. In other words, Washington might agree to a technical workaround on the issue of dismantling centrifuges or accept a higher number of active centrifuges than it had… Continue Reading

Top US Official: Nuclear Deal Could Improve Ties, Onus on Iran

by Derek Davison WASHINGTON—A top advisor to President Obama said that a deal over Iran’s nuclear program could lead to a new era of relations. “A nuclear agreement could begin a multi-generational process that could lead to a new relationship… Continue Reading

The Blurred Lines of Religious Zealotry

by Paul Pillar Last week I commented on the unhelpful habit of throwing everything Islamist, no matter how extreme or moderate, into a single conceptual bucket and writing off the whole lot as incorrigible adversaries. That habit entails a gross misunderstanding of… Continue Reading

Royce/Engel Iran Letter: The Devil Lies in the Detail

by Peter Jenkins A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has time to get its pants on. –Winston Churchill Opponents of a nuclear agreement with Iran are mobilising once more. A recent letter to colleagues from the chairman… Continue Reading