Obama’s Last Chance in Africa

by Francis Njubi Nesbitt President Obama needs to unveil a new foreign policy initiative on Africa during his trip to Kenya and Ethiopia or risk going down in history as the worst president for Africa in recent memory. It would be… Continue Reading

GCC Stays Onboard with Iran Deal

by Thomas W. Lippman Sherlock Holmes once found a clue in a dog that did not bark. That is a useful way to look at the muted but generally supportive response of Saudi Arabia and the other Arab States of the… Continue Reading

President Obama’s Middle East Plate Is Still Full

by Robert E. Hunter With agreement in Vienna between the P5+ 1 countries and Iran on its nuclear program, there will be a rapid shift to dealing with the aftermath. What will now happen in Iran is an important story. This… Continue Reading

Under Obama US More Popular Abroad

by Jim Lobe The Republican/neocon narrative that the United States has steadily lost its standing in the eyes of the world since Obama succeeded George W. Bush has been rather strongly undermined by the findings of a major new survey… Continue Reading