Dennis Ross: Blame America First!


by Ali Gharib The excerpt from former Obama administration official Dennis Ross’s new book, which ran recently in Politico Magazine, is a remarkable document. The excerpt is headlined “How Obama Got to ‘Yes’ on Iran: The Inside Story,” but that’s… Continue Reading  

Sending MOPs and Bombers to Israel: Big Mistake

INDIAN SPRINGS AIR FORCE AUXILIARY FIELD, Nev. - A B-1 Lancer performs a fly-by during a firepower demonstration here recently.  The bomber is from the 7th Bomb Wing at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Robert W. Valenca)

by Robert Farley  Over the past week, the failure of the opponents of the Iran nuclear deal to kill it in Congress has become a foregone conclusion. With that in mind, advocates of war with Iran have adopted a new… Continue Reading  

Former Ambassador Repudiates Downplaying of War Chances

Amb. James Jeffrey

by Ali Gharib Last week, I wrote a post about AIPAC wanting a “better deal,” something that’s not really feasible in the real world. In another post, I took on Robert Satloff, the head of the AIPAC-founded Washington Institute for… Continue Reading  

Pro-Israel Think Tank Head Denies Possibility of War


by Ali Gharib Those opposing the Iran deal often lead off their objections with a caveat: they don’t think the alternative to the nuclear accord signed this week in Vienna is war. I happen to think it probably is. I… Continue Reading  

The WINEP Letter and the Bipartisan Fallacy


by Ali Gharib For the past week, a letter from a varied group of policy experts has been making the rounds, mostly as a case against doing a deal with Iran. More particularly, many of these experts have been opposed to doing this deal… Continue Reading