Dennis Ross: Blame America First!

by Ali Gharib The excerpt from former Obama administration official Dennis Ross’s new book, which ran recently in Politico Magazine, is a remarkable document. The excerpt is headlined “How Obama Got to ‘Yes’ on Iran: The Inside Story,” but that’s… Continue Reading  

Sending MOPs and Bombers to Israel: Big Mistake

by Robert Farley  Over the past week, the failure of the opponents of the Iran nuclear deal to kill it in Congress has become a foregone conclusion. With that in mind, advocates of war with Iran have adopted a new… Continue Reading  

Former Ambassador Repudiates Downplaying of War Chances

by Ali Gharib Last week, I wrote a post about AIPAC wanting a “better deal,” something that’s not really feasible in the real world. In another post, I took on Robert Satloff, the head of the AIPAC-founded Washington Institute for… Continue Reading  

Pro-Israel Think Tank Head Denies Possibility of War

by Ali Gharib Those opposing the Iran deal often lead off their objections with a caveat: they don’t think the alternative to the nuclear accord signed this week in Vienna is war. I happen to think it probably is. I… Continue Reading  

The WINEP Letter and the Bipartisan Fallacy

by Ali Gharib For the past week, a letter from a varied group of policy experts has been making the rounds, mostly as a case against doing a deal with Iran. More particularly, many of these experts have been opposed to doing this deal… Continue Reading