Chalabi, Greatest Con Man of His Generation, Dead at 71

by Jim Lobe There’s no doubt that Ahmad Chalabi earned that title, at least insofar as he manipulated the world’s most powerful nation into a disastrous war. Whether he did so on behalf of Iran or, more likely, simply to… Continue Reading  

Why Did We Invade Iraq?

by Charles Davis  I was 18 years old and as dumb as an 18-year-old, and even I knew we were invading Iraq for no good reason and that thousands of good people were going to die awful deaths because of… Continue Reading  

Don’t Iraq Iran: Foolproof the Intelligence

Roger Z. George, a former national intelligence officer who teaches at the National War College in Washington, explains how to avoid making the same mistakes the US made before invading Iraq in 2003, with Iran: – set extremely high standards for evidence –… Continue Reading  

Duss: Joe Lieberman and What if Strikes Don’t Work?

At Think Progress’s The Wonk Room, Matt Duss has a post up about Joe Lieberman (I-CT)’s speech yesterday at the Council on Foreign Relations about the next steps for the U.S. regarding Iran, namely, that the military option is a “real… Continue Reading