Against Jen Rubin’s belligerent ‘Iran Reset’

You can take the blogger out of Commentary, but you can’t take Commentary out of the blogger. So we learn from Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post‘s new neoconservative blogger. As recounted in our Daily Talking Points on Monday, Rubin had two… Continue Reading  

The Osirak Example: Will Airstrikes Work At All?

In his speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, Sen. Joe Lieberman made a small concession. “[T]he use of military force is not the ‘ideal way’ to stop the Iranian nuclear program,” he said. The truth is, while hawks portray… Continue Reading  

Duss: Joe Lieberman and What if Strikes Don’t Work?

At Think Progress’s The Wonk Room, Matt Duss has a post up about Joe Lieberman (I-CT)’s speech yesterday at the Council on Foreign Relations about the next steps for the U.S. regarding¬†Iran, namely, that the military option is a “real… Continue Reading