Mondoweiss Updates Rothkopf Story With Revealing Detail

Some of you may have read the story I wrote earlier this week for IPS entitled “Anti-Iran Hawks Maintain P.R. Offensive” in which I cited David Rothkopf’s totally bizarre story posted on about a possible joint U.S.-Israeli attack on… Continue Reading  

Questions About the NYT’s Reporting on Stuxnet

Rehmat Qadir has a detailed post at Mondoweiss which take a closer look at the New York Times’s reporting on Stuxnet. He finds some startling inconsistencies in the Times’s reporting. He writes: The New York Times article is deliberately misleading,… Continue Reading  

State Not Singling Out Iran After All?

The State Department seems to have taken to heart a recent criticism that was delivered sharply by a questioner in the daily press briefing. Addressing State’s proactive stance on Iran, which was compared to being publicly behind the curve on Egypt,… Continue Reading  

Odds and Ends on Seismic Events in Egypt

I’m going abroad for a long overdue vacation soon, and my blogging might slow down for at least the next week, so I wanted to deposit some thoughts on the stories dominating the headlines right now, and some others that… Continue Reading  

Questions About (Inclusion of) Islamism

Egypt is on everyone’s minds today in Washington, not least among them neoconservatives and pro-Israel hawks. House Foreign Affairs chief Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) was wondering about the “nefarious ends” of some “elements” there, and Jeffrey Goldberg, who, with shifting views, expressed apprehension about… Continue Reading