Emad in IHT: Will Smiles Last for Egyptian Labor?

Our colleague Emad Mekay has a piece on Egyptian labor in today’s International Herald Tribune, the global edition of the New York Times. The role of labor was crucial in Egyptians’ popular efforts to oust Hosni Mubarak, perhaps the bale… Continue Reading  

Odds and Ends on Seismic Events in Egypt

I’m going abroad for a long overdue vacation soon, and my blogging might slow down for at least the next week, so I wanted to deposit some thoughts on the stories dominating the headlines right now, and some others that… Continue Reading  

Mubarak Teeters, Stays On; Washington Plays Catch Up

Egypt — the world, it seems — is moving so fast, it’s difficult to follow. I’ve been watching on Al Jazzera English, which has been the best news channel not on TV in the U.S. for quite some time now… Continue Reading  

Cairo Dispatch: Diverse Crowds Demand Changes

The following is a set of edited notes from a conversation between myself and IPS’s correspondent in Egypt, Emad Mekay, who was filing dispatches for LobeLog until the Internet went down. He was on the streets of downtown Cairo today… Continue Reading  

Egypt Dispatch: Mobile phones, internet down

I just spoke by landline with Emad Mekay, at home just outside Cairo. Here’s my notes from our brief conversation. I’ll update later if we’re able to get back in touch. No internet for quite some while. The mobile phone… Continue Reading