Current Economic Unrest Unlikely to Alter Iran’s Nuclear Calculus

via IPS News As Iran faces economic unrest, discussion is intensifying over the impact sanctions are having on Iran’s economy. But experts doubt that the current situation portends the end of the Iranian regime or Iranian capitulation to Israeli and… Continue Reading  

Cairo Dispatch: Diverse Crowds Demand Changes

The following is a set of edited notes from a conversation between myself and IPS’s correspondent in Egypt, Emad Mekay, who was filing dispatches for LobeLog until the Internet went down. He was on the streets of downtown Cairo today… Continue Reading  

More Protests in Egypt Calling for Mubarak’s Ouster

By Emad Mekay Egyptian police started beating up journalists protesting outside the Press Syndicate in downtown Cairo. They beat up women journalists, too, who were screaming and crying for help. “Do not club women. Do not attack women,” some of… Continue Reading