Iran and the United States: Ready, set, go?

Former Iran-desk State Department staffer Reza Marashi and journalist Sahar Namazikhah remind us that Iran’s influnetial Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) has publicly recognized the benefits of negotiating with the US to avert a military conflict through a report that’s available on their… Continue Reading

Sanctions Continue to hit Average Iranians

The US-led sanctions regime isn’t directly targeting Iran’s healthcare system but reports continue to suggest that critically-ill Iranians are being affected. The Al Jazeera English clip above squares with Najmeh Bozorgmehr’s Financial Times article from September about how sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank are… Continue Reading

The Story of the changing WaPo Iran “regime collapse” headline

In Al Jazeera English I examine how the existence of “two schools of thought” in the Obama administration regarding its Iran policy (something that Lobe Log has been tracking) is causing media confusion and poor results. Here’s an excerpt: Jamal… Continue Reading