Pieces Of The Real Iran

by Jasmin Ramsey Al-Monitor offers a refreshing article on one of Iran’s worst-kept secrets: Although satellites are contraband, somehow many people manage to own one. It’s estimated that 50-70% of households in Tehran have satellite dishes to broadcast their favorite news, music and movie channels.… Continue Reading  

Worrying Development Ahead of Resumed Talks with Iran

Laura Rozen reports that the six world power negotiating team may not be revamping its package to be more generous with Iran as many were hoping (Russia has not even signed on to the new version yet) ahead of resumed talks… Continue Reading  

Iran and the United States: Ready, set, go?

Former Iran-desk State Department staffer Reza Marashi and journalist Sahar Namazikhah remind us that Iran’s influnetial Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) has publicly recognized the benefits of negotiating with the US to avert a military conflict through a report that’s available on their… Continue Reading  

Obama Denies Bilateral Iran Nuclear Talks Underway but doesn’t Reject them Either

During his first Press Conference today following his successful second-term campaign, President Barak Obama emphasized that the United States wants to peacefully resolve the tense dispute over the Islamic Republic’s controversial nuclear program (the US is reportedly considering a more-for-more negotiating… Continue Reading  

Does Tehran want Obama or Romney?

The answer to this question is simple: there is no such thing as one Tehran. Opinions vary and arguments to back up the case for either Barak Obama or Mitt Romney are sometimes unexpected. The way it looks now, the… Continue Reading