Former Rouhani Nuclear Aide Hossein Mousavian Returns to Iran

by Jasmin Ramsey Seyed Hossein Mousavian, who worked with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani when Rouhani was Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator and who has been living in the US since 2009 following dubious charges of espionage has returned to Iran, reports… Continue Reading  

Pieces Of The Real Iran

by Jasmin Ramsey Al-Monitor offers a refreshing article on one of Iran’s worst-kept secrets: Although satellites are contraband, somehow many people manage to own one. It’s estimated that 50-70% of households in Tehran have satellite dishes to broadcast their favorite news, music and movie channels.… Continue Reading  

Watching US-Iran History in the Making

by Jasmin Ramsey I feel like i’m witnessing a tectonic shift in the geo-political landscape reading @HassanRouhani tweets. Fascinating. — dick costolo (@dickc) September 27, 2013 That tweet via Twitter CEO Dick Costolo in response to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s… Continue Reading  

Kerry/Zarif Meet; Rouhani Answers Tough Questions

by Jasmin Ramsey The US and Iran made history today here in New York City. While many prominent American members of the press, academic, business and think tank worlds were listening intently to President Hassan Rouhani give a speech at… Continue Reading