Pieces Of The Real Iran

by Jasmin Ramsey

Al-Monitor offers a refreshing article on one of Iran’s worst-kept secrets:

Although satellites are contraband, somehow many people manage to own one. It’s estimated that 50-70% of households in Tehran have satellite dishes to broadcast their favorite news, music and movie channels. Even in a holy city such as Qom and other areas, it’s estimated that some 30-40% of households own a satellite dish.

Last month at an Asia Society/CFR-hosted event in New York, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had this to say about the issue:

ROUHANI (through translator): Satellite television, you’ll find it every village in Iran. Of course, the villages, they have more of them than the urban areas. If you — if — just look at the rooftops. You’ll get a sense.

I think that in the world today, these things are kind of, you know, a little old (inaudible) in a sense. All countries have — all people have access to satellite networks, and the people of Iran have it, too.

Photo: A residential rooftop in Tehran. Credit: Jasmin Ramsey

Jasmin Ramsey

Jasmin Ramsey is a journalist based in Washington, DC.



  1. Interesting. I believe I saw an article about Satellite dish’s, they were being run over by a steam roller while people were lined up on either side of the street, watching the process. Always amazes me when I see things of this sort. The powers to be, afraid that the common people will discover what a bunch of fools are running the government, afraid of being found out for the incompleteness they possess. I suppose that the future history books will show, that the present incarnation of the humanoid species, fell prey to a sickness of the paranoid mind that warmongering produce.

  2. No government is going to survive the wrath of the people if there is unfettered access to information which is why Iran spends so much time controlling the internet as well as trying to confiscate illegal satellite dishes throughout the country

  3. Interesting point changeirannow brings up. Does this also pertain to the Israeli occupying of the Palestinian land too? Oh, that’s right, Israel has all the weapons, I forgot.

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