State Not Singling Out Iran After All?

The State Department seems to have taken to heart a recent criticism that was delivered sharply by a questioner in the daily press briefing. Addressing State’s proactive stance on Iran, which was compared to being publicly behind the curve on Egypt,… Continue Reading  

State Dept. Tweeting in Farsi

The U.S. State Department has set up a Twitter account where it tweets messages in Farsi, a press officer from Foggy Bottom confirmed to LobeLog. As of writing this, there are three tweets so far from the “USAdarFarsi” twitter feed.… Continue Reading  

State Dept. Hypocrisy on Iran’s Fuel Row With Afghanistan

This is pretty rich. Iran, a country under economic sanctions by international bodies, the West, and, particularly, the U.S., has reportedly been stymying gas trucks crossing its border into war-ravaged Afghanistan. That country, of course, is consumed at the moment… Continue Reading