The winners and losers of the U.S.’s latest Iran sanctions

This week saw the furthering of draconian legislation against Iran that may end up benefiting U.S. adversaries more than hurting Iran’s government. On Wednesday the House of Representatives passed the Iran Threat Reductions Act (H.R. 1905) and President Obama is… Continue Reading

Against Jen Rubin’s belligerent ‘Iran Reset’

You can take the blogger out of Commentary, but you can’t take Commentary out of the blogger. So we learn from Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post‘s new neoconservative blogger. As recounted in our Daily Talking Points on Monday, Rubin had two… Continue Reading

Reactions to Michael Oren’s ‘Warning to American Jews’

At three synagogues in the D.C. area, Israeli ambassador to Washington Michael Oren used Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, to deliver the same speech three times. The overwhelming thrust of the speech, according to several commentators of various… Continue Reading