Cotton Makes Aim of Iran Sanctions Legislation Kristol Clear

by Jim Lobe As foes of a nuclear deal with Iran prepare new sanctions legislation that the Obama administration firmly opposes, Arkansas’s new Republican senator, Tom Cotton, told a policy conference at the far-right Heritage Foundation Tuesday that the pending… Continue Reading

“Bad Deal” Better Than “No Deal”?

by Francois Nicoulaud  “No deal is better than bad deal:” that’s the mantra that has been heard ad nauseam in the recent past and presented as self-evident of U.S. toughness in the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. But is it… Continue Reading

Dealing with Iran, France and Israel

by James A. Russell Since the high-level talks that occurred in Geneva, conflicting messages have surfaced on what really stopped a groundbreaking deal over Iran’s nuclear program from being signed this weekend. On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry said… Continue Reading