The Iran Nuclear Agreement: The Choice

By Paul Pillar Completion of the agreement to restrict the Iranian nuclear program puts into sharp relief the choice for anyone who weighs in on the topic and especially for the U.S. Congress, which will have an opportunity to accept… Continue Reading  

“Bad Deal” Better Than “No Deal”?

by Francois Nicoulaud  “No deal is better than bad deal:” that’s the mantra that has been heard ad nauseam in the recent past and presented as self-evident of U.S. toughness in the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. But is it… Continue Reading  

Iran and the Future of Nuclear Non-proliferation

by Peter Jenkins It was just over four years ago, on 5 April 2009, that President Obama delivered remarks on the future of nuclear weapons in the 21st century. His remarks were received with hopeful enthusiasm throughout the world. They… Continue Reading  

Of Bombs and (would-be) Bombers

This was the best of weeks; this was the worst of weeks. I am referring to last week’s ministerial meeting at the UN General Assembly – and of course I’m exaggerating. For all who want to see Iran’s nuclear quarrel… Continue Reading  

The reluctance that dogs the West’s approach to Iran

The front page of the 13 July edition of the Daily Telegraph caused a stir in Britain. The headline, amplified by that morning’s BBC News, read: “We foiled Iranian nuclear weapons bid, says spy chief”. Referencing a speech by the… Continue Reading