Arab Mayhem and Tyranny: How to Break the Cycle

by Emile Nakhleh In a little over five years since the outbreak of protests in Tunisia at the end of 2010, most of the Arab world has descended into mayhem and tyranny. Many Arab leaders are repressing the opposition with more… Continue Reading

Neocons Echo Kirkpatrick, Defend Saudi Arabia

by Jim Lobe Two weeks ago, in the aftermath of the execution of the Shia leader Nimr Baqr al-Nimr, I catalogued a list of neoconservatives who were rushing to defend Saudi Arabia. They were doing so despite the domestic and… Continue Reading

Egypt, Arab Sunni Politics, and the US: A Problematic Road Ahead

The bad news about Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s expanding constitutional powers in Egypt is the threat of another dictatorship in Egypt. The good news is that normal politics is returning to Egypt after decades of brutal authoritarian regimes. Recent mass… Continue Reading

Bahraini Repression Amidst a Failing Strategy

via IPS News This week’s decision by the Bahraini court of appeals to uphold the prison terms against Bahraini opposition activists is a travesty of justice and an indication that Bahraini repression continues unabated. Bahraini officials, when confronted with angry… Continue Reading