Israel and Palestine: Obama Commits the US

by Robert E. Hunter To say that President Barack Obama’s visit this spring to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan is the proverbial gamble is an understatement. He may end up (rightly) congratulating himself on his wisdom and courage in… Continue Reading

Succeed or Fail?: What Obama Must do in the Middle East

by Robert E. Hunter Every US president since Harry Truman has sought to disentangle his administration from the Middle East, and all have found themselves sucked back into the region and its problems. So will it be in President Obama’s… Continue Reading

In Search of a Strategy for the Middle East

by James Russell As suggested most recently by Stephen Walt, a regrettable and recurring theme of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy in the Gulf and the Middle East over the last four years has been the lack of any sense… Continue Reading

Matthew Kroenig and Trita Parsi Debate: Should the US Strike Iran?

Back in January, academic Matthew Kroenig claimed the United States could militarily strike Iran without causing havoc and catastrophe in the region. His arguments were widely criticized and supported by the usual suspects. Jamie Fly, the neoconservative executive director of the Foreign Policy Initiative, disagreed with Kroenig, but only… Continue Reading

Senate Draft Letter Presses Administration To Offer Few Concessions For Confidence-Building Deal With Iran

via Think Progress With negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program moving to Moscow next week, a draft letter to be circulated among Senators for signature calls on the Obama administration to not offer Iran major concessions without a comprehensive deal on its… Continue Reading