Perhaps This Time Israeli-Palestinian Peace (But Don’t Bet on It)

by Robert E. Hunter On the occasion of Israel’s 69th birthday, it is worth reflecting that every US president, from Harry Truman onward, has tried to arrange peace between Israel and its neighbors. Some have produced partial success, notably Jimmy… Continue Reading

Making America Great, and Saving Israel in the Process

by Paul R. Pillar A depressing sameness characterized the speeches of presidential candidates to the recently concluded exercise in fervid conformity that is called the AIPAC annual meeting. Although the event and the organization ostensibly are dedicated to support for,… Continue Reading

Bibi Comes Calling:  What President Obama Needs to Say

by Robert E. Hunter When Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, visits the Oval Office on Monday, both he and President Barack Obama have a domestic political interest in “making nice” with one another. Netanyahu has to show Israelis back home that… Continue Reading

Obama Should Back UN Resolution on Israel-Palestine

by Americans for Peace Now The following policy statement was published on September 30 by Americans for Peace Now, a Zionist organization that has campaigned tirelessly for a peaceful, two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. We at LobeLog feel it has… Continue Reading

Still Seeking Strategy

by Robert E. Hunter For Secretary of State John Kerry, the good news this past week is that he has finally got Israel and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to agree to talk directly about peace. The bad news is… Continue Reading